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Throughout the ages, the cry of Shema has always symbolized the ultimate manifestation of faith in the gravest situations.

With the Shema on their lips, Jews accepted martyrdom at the Inquisitor's stake and in the Nazi gas chambers.

So too, even though it seems that certain events are not caused by God, rather by some other force or bad luck, they in fact all come from the One God.

In the grand eternal plan, all is "good," for God knows best.

The mezuzah scroll is affixed to our doorposts to show that we are secure in God's presence. -21, speaks about the positive consequences of fulfilling the mitzvot, and the negative consequences of not.

The third paragraph, Numbers -41, speaks specifically about the mitzvah to wear tzitzit, and the Exodus from Egypt.

The Shema is a declaration of faith, a pledge of allegiance to One God.

Similarly, if you were buying a CD of music, you should buy it in order to help you relax and better appreciate the world that God created.What does it mean to "love God with all your soul"?The great Talmudic scholar, Rabbi Akiva (second century) loved God so much, that he taught Torah despite the Roman law forbidding it.The Sages tell us that the patriarch Jacob, after a 22-year separation from his son Joseph, finally went down to Egypt to see him. The years of yearning for his long-lost son came out in an emotionally charged burst of "Shema Yisrael! The Talmud explains that the word "heart" is metaphorical for "desires." Even today we colloquially say, "I love chocolate," which means "I desire chocolate." When the Shema says to "love God with all your heart," it means to use not only your "good traits" like kindness and compassion to do God's will, but also to use your more challenging traits to serve Him." Loving God The second verse in the Shema is: "And you shall love the Lord your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your resources" (Deut. For example, when you go to a nice restaurant, don't go because you want to gorge.

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