Skandar keynes and anna popplewell dating

As long as you can see that intelligence, I think you’re good. If they needed a castle, they wouldn’t CG a castle, they would build it.

: With the last one, it was a lot more of that—it was a lot more imagining things. If they wanted to go to a location that was in the middle of nowhere with huge mountains, they wouldn’t CG it. For us as actors it was actually more of a sensory experience, because we were immersed in these locations and sets that were just out of this world. What was funny, on the first one my battle armor was quite rigid, and I felt sort of like I was a robot.

But as soon as I sat down, you know, Andrew creates Narnia—our director creates Narnia. We didn’t have any expectations, because we didn’t want them to get broken or beaten down or anything.

From the first music through the whole thing, I was just locked in to this fantastical world. Then I went in, and from the title sequence, like William said, I was just gripped.

What I loved about this costume was, it was like William said.

Because I was doing some stunts and some riding and things, they had to adapt the costume, which made me feel really special.

: I’m a girly-girl at heart, and I definitely like dressing up in all the lovely costumes.

When you’re feeling down, Will’s always there, and he’s always happy, unless you’ve just done a shouting scene. : As an example, when I’m hugging Aslan, I was hugging Shane Rangi, who actually played the main minotaur in Prince Caspian.

I think the reason why we all have this chemistry and bond is because we’ve basically grown up together, almost. Then he went home, and Howard Berger, head of prosthetics, actually stepped in, put the lion’s head on. It was a lot easier this time, but I think the funniest thing was Reepicheep, because he’s just like a little bundle of fun.

’ Actually, on an emotional level it was a lot harder.

In the first one, I really essentially played myself—the older brother trying to do selfless things.

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