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” With a small smile breaking across her face, Joanne replied, “My nipples are extremely sensitive, I can even have an orgasm just from getting them sucked on!

” “Really,” Roni replied hoarsely, “may I touch them!?!

Hey guys, I`m Jessie your real life California girl. Nothing turns me on more then knowing you’re feeling satisfied and relaxed.

Im your ultimate super size boobs and super size ass fantasy girl!

“Just look at it now,” Joanne sighed while floating on top of the water!

Veronica glanced at the clock on the wall and decided to put in another hour of paperwork before leaving for her meeting!

Roni’s secretary dropped into her office just before quitting time and offered, “I guess that’s it for today, boss, you feeling all right, you look a little bushed!?!

” “I am bushed, Jenny,” Roni replied, “and my shoulders and back and killing me!

“My, your breasts are simply huge,” Joanne said while cupping and softly twisting her hard nipples, “what size bra do you wear!?!

” “Ohhhhhhhhh, my,” Veronica moaned, “I-I wear a 42DD cup bra, but I think I might have to go to a DDD cup, my old bras seem a bit tight!

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