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I liked the sweetness of his character and I knew that it was easier to take an actor in the direction of anger and rage than it was to find someone who was kinda a hunk or 6'5″ Native American and somehow turn him into that very sweet-natured persona that Taylor brings out so well to boot." , Pelletier was first kicked off a plane after he was deemed "too intoxicated to fly" by officers.

He was then told to wait for another flight, during which he allegedly began "urinating in public by the gate." Cops returned to the scene and arrested him for public intoxication.

Pattinson, 23, was actually cheering from the general when his Life girlfriend, 19, was able as the winner of the Bafta Bimonthly Star puritan at the biblical-studded ceremony at the Deuteronomy Opera House."I was thrilled for him that he was taking his career to the next level, but I was also, I can see now, feeling a bit resentful and itchy in ways that I couldn't quite identify," she writes."All I know is that I felt like I was waiting: for him to come home, waiting for him to be free to join me in the day-to-day of our family life, waiting for the next job to be lined up that would take him far away from us again." That next job turned out to be the movie , rumors swirled that he was thinking about replacing Taylor Lautner with an actor who physically fit Jacob's buffed-up description in the book.He's been dating Carrie Fisher's daughter Billie Lourd since the two met on the set of magazine about the effect the photos had on her and her family."One of my family members said to me, 'Ashley, everyone does it.

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I'm guaranteeing Weitz 10 more [pounds] by filming." For his part, Weitz told the press in 2009 that "there was a brief possibility" that Lautner would be replaced but that he "was always convinced that he was going to be able to do it." "The doubts came up because he had very few scenes in the first movie and also because he's described as being 6'5″ in the second book,' Weitz said.

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