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That includes the possibility of forming work groups represented by members of each department and municipality and tasked with developing a regional approach to providing the best outcome, and a regional board that would include a fire chief from each of the respective towns and a trustee from that town to consider the recommendations of the work groups. Karen Mc Connaughay this month to discuss the roadblocks in state law considering consolidation, Freise said."One of our goals is to meet with local legislators to make them aware the state is making it more difficult and to see if we can't change the legislation and make it more streamlined," he said.

Freise said in the coming weeks he and his fellow chiefs are seeking guidance from their respective village boards."We want to get feedback from all three towns for 'where do we go from here,'" he said.

In the meantime, the fire agencies would like to continue exploring efforts to provide the best service to residents while making operations more efficient.

They also plan to keep working toward the ultimate goal of a potential full consolidation.

The purpose of this research project is to identify that consolidations can be successful as shown from other consolidation efforts around the country. The research question was: What are the experiences of other communities that have gone through fire department consolidations?

Background and Significance Fire protection in the town of Coventry is provided by seven private, non-profit fire districts, which maintain service for all areas of the town.

The West Dundee Fire Department, along with the Carpentersville Fire Department and the East Dundee Fire Protection District, has put the plan for consolidation on hold.

The analysis identified organizational areas that would be impacted and displayed a portrait of the merged organization. 2) Curry (1999) goes on further to identify indicators for cooperative efforts from the book Making the Pieces Fit as duplication of services, either by function or by geographic location (p. The Swissvale and Rankin volunteer fire departments of Maryland (MD), chose to pursue a consolidation of their two departments into a new organization called the Carrie Furnace Fire and Rescue (Swissvale FD Web Page, Press Release, September 17, 2002).The recommendation of this research was that the departments involved with the Coventry Emergency Services initiative can expect a successful consolidation.3 Table of Contents Abstract 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Background and Significance 4 Literature Review 6 Procedures 23 Results 26 Discussion 35 Implications for the Coventry Consolidation 37 Recommendations 39 References 40 4 Introduction The problem is that the fire departments involved with the Coventry Emergency Services needed to identify successful consolidations in other communities.Literature Review This researcher has reviewed pertinent literature from various sources to identify successful consolidations from around the country.The research question used to complete this literature review was what are the experiences of other communities that have gone through fire department consolidations?

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Today people work miles from the community in which they live and generally live busy lives that lack the availability of time to volunteer on fire departments. As this lack of volunteer firefighters continued, the fire districts in the town of Coventry were forced to hire career firefighters to maintain service levels to the community, and have become combination fire departments.

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