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Jim attended grade school at Plainsview and entered high school in Whitewater.At 14 years of age, Jim had to forego school to help on the ranch while his dad recovered from kidney surgery.

She was born to Thomas and Alpha Lacock on March 9, 1936, in Hinsdale, MT and lived there until the family moved to Sandpoint, ID in 1949.During this time, La Verne worked in both a shirt factory and a furniture manufacturing plant.She attended Indiana University for 2 ½ years and 2 summers at Liberty College in Lynchburg, VA.La Verne was an avid quilter and made many special quilts for family members and friends.She also crocheted intricate lace doilies that she shared with those she loved.

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During winter months, he and his siblings hand pumped water for 100 head of cows between feedings.

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