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Applying the wisdom of the Ancient Hindus, early Christians, and modern philosophers to those facts, As a condition of access to the Chinese market, China compels American firms to enter into a joint venture and reveal their technology to their Chinese partner or otherwise denies foreign direct investment entry unless they hand over protected IP.

China limits the FDI activities of American firms by restricting the terms of technology licenses, whereas Chinese firms are under no such strictures.

The core claim is under the national treatment rule in Article 3 of the Without doubt, Americans would suffer in a Sino-American trade war.

That’s why corporate America’s leaders are peaceniks.

Second, and conversely, a war might not inflict much damage on China.

Research by Mark Williams, Chief Asia Economist, Capital Economics, shows the 6 billion China exports to America (in 2017) contributes 2.5 percent to Chinese GDP.

Once a patent license contract ends, China does not enforce the patent rights of American firms against infringing Chinese firms.

China also mandates contract terms prejudicial to imported technology, hence foreign IP holders cannot set market-based terms to license their technology for use in China.

As such, a Section 301 action could be characterized as legitimate self-defence. (Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg) Rather, Section 1 of the President’s Memorandum threatens to impose, on as many as 1,300 different types of Chinese imports, tariffs of 25 percent, yielding -60 billion.[f]inally the President decided that we needed to move forward.” Good point: the National Bureau of Asian Research says counterfeit goods, pirated software, and stolen trade secrets, by Chinese and other foreign powers, is 5-600 billion annually, with China mostly to blame. Likewise, the Memo threatens to limit Chinese FDI in American companies with strategic technology.Tack on another 0 billion for economic espionage through hacking. But, not until the Treasury Department identifies efficacious restrictions.Amazon, Google, Facebook, Gap, Levi’s, Microsoft, Target, and Walmart lose from Chinese IP misappropriation.But, they and their customers fear Chinese counter-attacks.

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