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Bananas and Frank were paired up because of a Twitter war.

The second Battle Of The Seasons was unrelated to the first (hence no number in the title), which was a good thing in theory.

The Inferno improved slightly on its predecessor by adding the life shield, which allowed the person nominated for elimination to save themselves.

In addition to adding drama, the life shield added additional challenges, which made it a better show.

The Island was a terrible format: no challenges, no elimination battles, and no food.

When Abe asked to be eliminated because he could be making more money at his "real" job at home, you knew something was wrong.

The first installment, misleadingly called Road Rules: All-Stars, featured Real World alums participating in their own season of Road Rules.

Though they didn't end up winning, watching them become friendly was extremely satisfying after nearly a decade of drama.Their unexplained absence, plus the unreasonably long stay of the RW: Saint Thomas team, produced a season lacking in Challenge mainstays that turned out...mostly boring. But the reigning king of Modern Challenges has locked up his spot in the final, and the crop of contenders doesn't look much different than it ever has.The Inferno II was the first installment after Road Rules was canceled. Free Agents seemed tailor-made to end the era of Bananas dominance in the Challenges: The elimination selections are random! So much for that "anything can happen" tag line, eh?Kept the hokey Bad-Asses/Good Guys idea from Inferno II... He immediately lived up to the title by socking rookie Davis (off-camera) on the first night, resulting in his elimination before the game even started. The image of CT wearing Johnny Bananas like a backpack is worth 0,000 many times over.and then put freakin' Johnny Bananas on the Good Guys team (pictured). He did this again on The Duel II, so CT also might not be very smart. Cutthroat also was the first time a married couple (Brad and Tori) appeared — and won!

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The first Rivals was full of people who genuinely couldn't stand each other (for the most part), which is why it ranks much higher.

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