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But after watching his dramas and movies, I become his #1 fan, he has acting skill and very talented. Hi Lee , I am from India , I saw ur drama I can hear your voice the main part of this drama a student how to understand a elder girl bcoz today's day it's not true but l like ur acting in this drama both of u cares each other. You make me believe that everything is possible if you put love and effort in everything you do, you are my most favorite Korean actors always and for most!! MVIO & Rapido 万岁! Your excellent chemistry with Park Shin Hye during Millet cf and Pinocchio, is impressive. You'll be having your Shanghai Fan Meeting at Luwan Gymnasium on 28 March 2015 the same day as Park Shin Hye's Shanghai Shangcheng FM. This New Year celebration will still be full of fun and festivities and in addition, the most popular celebrities of 2014 will join the show including the main leads, Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk from popular drama Pinocchio. aznfantizie and all its owner If this news is true, Hunan TV 万岁!Yeah! I first watched him in Secret Garden,, and really started to notice him in School 2013. I wish he could do like that drama I can Hear Your Voice with same lead actress again in the future!! The second time was in Pinocchio and damn I fell in love with you there right away. Hope to see Park Shin Hye & you, our Darling Couple, working together on more movies, film or dramas, advertisement, variety shows, documentaries, music videos & more..... and congratulation for another awards at SBS drama award. It makes me cry when you cried and Laugh out loud when you do funny moments. ...:) :) GOD BLESS ..Jong suk Remember always chin up ...:) ...:) and smile .... : D I am looking forward to watch you for your another dramas. I really like your friendship with Kim woo Bin oppa it's so cute.

)) I absolutely fell in love with his acting in W and now I am binge-watching all of his appearances (even had to check his appearance as a chicken-customer in Bok Joo x D) to reminisce and admire. At first, I don't like him, his fashion a little bit feminine. I really really love your acting skills, especially of the film Doctor Stranger (it makes my heart beats fast) and W.. Stay Healthy :) and More Films, Movies and Awards to come Idol :) I just knew it..first time i saw him in I Hear Your Voice. I am completely star struck with your lead roles and I must say you have completely won me over with your charming and naturally easy going vibe. I also have a passion for acting and film, maybe one day in the future I might even cross paths with you and it would be a great pleasure i'm sure. Looking forward to experience the awesome thrill on 14 March 2015. "Preparation for Hunan TV's End of New Year's Festival is already well under. His drama 'I hear your voice' is very loved by k drama fans in my country, whilst my next favorite is Doctor Stranger. I first saw your drama tittled Doctor Stranger and i really like it until i start scanning about you then i started to like you a lot as an actor your facial expressins are really good i like your personality in movies,because mostly your roles in movies are so childish and i find it cute so well You guys try to watch his previous I HEAR YOUR VOICE, a much better drama and got 25% rating, Pinocchio got only 15%. lee jong suk, help me ease the pain of my painful heart for almost 3 years. SMILING AND DAY DREAMING:);) more project and movies pls. ....hahahaha...:) :) So I can do mine when I have the chance thanks....:) :) ...if u received this message ....anyways GOOD LUCK i!!! All of you, yoyr eyes lips and all ㅠㅠ but your so far away. But anyway ill stop dreaming and support you all the way! I wish I can see you to have an autograph and also take pictures. I hope you'll come here in the Philippines because you have so many fans here and count me on. ^_^ Hi oppa really really like you can come to Malaysia. The parts you choose will change you personally and professionally.

I am a hard core fan shipper of Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk. Though I heard W is really good, I still cant watch it though. just to share i really do not often watch korean films and dramas but when i watched doctor stranger i never stopped watching k dramas and films of Lee Jong Suk. And i am so happy for him, i really wish he could be pair again with Ms. They have this undeniable chemistry that makes us fans fall in love with them. :) I am looking forward on his upcoming dramas and movies(I am patiently waiting though I really miss him on screen esp. i'm positive you would make it big as an actor and model in America as well. hey dude better treat her good & love her with all ur HEART. The distance between both of you is 868 km but I feel there is NO DISTANCE between your love. Not to fix anything or do anything in particular but just to let us feel we are supported and cared about." Oh my, read this.... The chemistry between lee jong suk and park shin hye was off the hook! Besides the charming smile, really admire his acting and great expressions. In prosecutor princes I did notice him, but I think the reason he did not stand out for most of the audience is because all the focus was on the main actors, hence his character was not so developed and thus he could no show off his excellent acting skills. I like your acting skills.....specially in your new drama pinocchio..can easily capture the feelings of the viewers....also looking forward to all of your drama series....up the good work Anneong! I like they way you act, you smirk and the way u joke. I love you very much Dana from Kazakhstan I love you since first time i see in secret garden.. ur act improving drastically truly real amazing one... In school 2013, i hear your voice, doctor stranger, hot young blood, no breathing, pinocchio... at first i didn't like you at first but after watching you in pinocchio i was really impressed that i watched the 8 episodes all together without a break nd i just finished now watching them :p it's 00h:45' here in Tunisia;:))) there is really awsome chemistry between u nd our lovely PSH Oi.........u please tell me where you went for you acting career aye??? You know what you're so good in acting and you're so handsome. Hope to see him again in a television drama show with kim woo bin.. tv project like Philippine's MY HUSBAND's LOVER would be a perfect story as their project. You are indeed a good and talented actor :) I really loved korean dramas! Please continue to choose to choose parts that will challenge your acting and go beyond your comfort zone. If you choose only movies, it will be somewhat limiting as an actor because there isn't any character building, but it might be more lucrative for you.

Hands down my all time favorite from him is Doctor Stranger! It's sad he didn't like his acting in Doctor Stranger. They're always beyond amazing, the music, plot, etc. He's my inspiration in studying his wink kills me a lot oh no ^^ his leading ladies we're so lucky.. :) Lee Jong Suk if i see you in person then, that day will be the greatest day of my life :)... Thats why i need you to work on more projects to see more of you good health and luck for years ahead ♡ from a sincere fan. I also follow him on Instagram, Twitter and even on Facebook(fan page). I love reading news about him, so keep on featuring him in any articles. I know you will continue to amaze me with your future character roles. Best regards, -W Make it Last guys...u guys r so Cute ;).... Love your latest MVIO CF "Long Distance Love" with Park Shin Hye Rapido CF. i love his smile so much he looks so daam cute when he smiles .. You're the best Somehow discover him when first watched 'Doctor Stranger'. Certainly not missing out other series like 'I hear your voice' and recent 'Pinocchio'. He can act out any emotion; angry, sad, happy, childish.. I can't wait to see more of him playing leading roles. saranghaeyo oppa Lee jong- suk I just love u.appearance is quite remarkable and it follows with your lovely smile and also your adorable personality is just to die for me, I could honestly say that I fell in love with you at first sight..... I fell in love with you in I hear your Voice, your so cool actor. I wish you success and happiness, also you good health to continue to shoot in many dramas. U r too handsome n I watched ur movie (I hear ur voice n Pinocchio) Ur talent is amazing n I like the way u act.. N I like the chemistry between u n Park Shin Hye..u both r perfect I had watched all the series of Pinocchio n waiting for the next episode.. still waiting for pinocchio and all your activities.luck!!! I really enjoyed watching "I hear your voice" and it was your first koreanovela aired here in the Philippines. I love u botht.....hehehehe Jong Suk...are great Got to know you from School 2013 but haven't paid much attention until watching I Hear Your Voice. Finally, I loved your singing in Secret Garden and your acting in Princess Prosecutor. I really wanted to be a singer or an actress when i was a child but because of where i live,who i am,and a lot of reasons i could't.that's why i really enjoy watching movies,it's my first and best enjoyment in my i really adore your acting skill! Your smile was great that I really LOVED to see it. first of all i want to say your so cool in your role in secret garden......really cool.......... i wish you would do more and more great korean drama in the future..............i love you............ I think you are one of the most captivating actors I have ever seen. You have a unique way of allowing your audience to feel the emotion you are showing.

U were became famous and your instagram account hits million and millions of followers after the show has been aired last 2016. She’s really the best of all actress that u pair with. hope you have chosen the right agency for you.luck prince!!!

I like the words you said something like these..."every walk of life has its own prize" ive got what I wanted but lost something I didn't like to lose" I'm just curious, what's something that you lose? it's ok, this I need you to know-- I looked up on you a lot because you're a talented and versatile actor, have a brilliant mind, aside from being so handsome. hello, my handsome prince, I'm in low spirit now, really down --because of the news that park shin hye is dating other man instead of you. I concluded that you two have been dating but not yet exposed in public, news now shocked me.

Pikkeulneun Chungchoon and Hakgyo 5 your role was satisfactory not that impressive.... I hope you'll choose action or thriller film as your next project. You should act in a movie after rest and you should act in a drama again in last this year or early next year. Nothing can beat you if you have trust and confidence in yourself. And first see you on drama rolles choi dal po I'm fans darling couple. I had knew about I Hear Your Voice but never watched it way a few months b4 Dr. But I just know that..u look so charming , talent.n also handsome..

be it Neoui Moksoriga Deulleo, Dakteo Yibangin and W....these are my favorite among all.... Plss an action drama will be better,i want you to prove pple wrong dat u re very good! Very impressed with your portrayal of emotions especially a young actor like you. Ajumma of Singapore Lee jong i like you in pinocchio I wachted because park shin hye.

Passez bons moments en regardant des vidéos, discutant avec vos amis, bien plus park yoochun (park yoo chun) é um aluno que foi. That no-more-sweet-but-poisonous smile, I'm still addicted to it. more movies please -- melodrama, light comedy romance where lee jong suk is best. u r damn hot as hell with dashing style, charming face handsome look at you don't need anyone else to are like a drug to me I can't spend a single day without seeing your face! When I watched 'Doctor Stranger', suddenly, I fell inlove with Lee Jong Suk. It started way back 2014 when I watch the movie As one (Starring Bae Doona and Hajiwon), since then, I started watching your dramas and movies even your not the main lead for some works. I love R2b (Return to base), The Face Readers, No Breathing, Hot Young Bloods, VIP, Prosecutor Princess, High Kick 3, Secret Garden, My Prettiest Moments, School 2013, I hear your Voice, Doctor Stranger, W Two Worlds and While you were sleeping, I even watch your cameos like Potato Star, Gogh, The Starry Night, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo and First Seven Kisses. SARANGHAE Lee (^.^) I'm in process of learning Korean language. I've liked you since the first time I saw you in Secret Garden :) and I watched every drama of you since then. considering our technology now i'm sure i can have it all. hope you can make more movies, tv series, even fan meet, Hello Lee Jong Suk! your fan from the Philippines here, I really like you,you're intelligent, a good and versatile actor. I'm watching the new drama you have 2017 (while you were sleeping) I want you to continue making kdrama and do what you've Always done FIGHTING love you 4ever He is one of my favorite actor and I really like his Supernatural and ... Well, I'm avoiding shiny cars and handsome faces for sure. And also, Im done watching 'While You Were Sleeping, W-Two worlds, and V. , I am from Philippines and i love listening K-POP Music , and i tried to watch some drama's in Korea, Then i've watched your W. I really wanna study hard in learning korean language. it's my first time to watch Pinocchio , Doctor Stranger, really appreciate your good acting skills, from that time I've been following all your tv shows, films,etc. And Now his korean drama "W-Two Worlds" become one of my favorite ... Esp your portrayal as Soo Ha, Kang Cheol, Namsoon, Ha Myeong, Park Hoon ( I loved the part in ep 7 in which you brought the baby to life like kyaaa it was so cute and heartwarming and all gooey mushy fluffy feelings overload!!!! after seeing your acting in that Pinocchio, I liked your acting skills and researched about you and yours all dramas and movies; I liked your choice of selection.... be it a small role in Korea , R2B: Riteontu Beyiseu, in movies and secret garden in drama.... I'm marathoning all of his dramas/movies b4 Pinocchio n DS right now but damn quite a long way to finish em all.. A nice and cute couple is heartbeat couple #hoonhee Leejongsuk and Jinseyeon have perfect chemistry, to all leading ladies of LJS, seyeon is one of the best leading lady of jongsuk I like their team-up they deserve to reunite. my best friend introduced me to pinocchio while the show was being aired.. Please , don't worry about haters and about their bad behave and rude comments .. i got hooked and i just finished watching ur doctor strangers series..getting better and better on ur acting skills...i really am captivated with both of ur looks and acting skills..go,go,go LEE JONG SEUK!!!! I don't know why when I watched your story, I can feel I want to be your side your fan and really want to find someone as you to protect me..that's what I can feel I'm getting warm as your story... I am starting to like you since playing in the drama "School 2013" with kim woo bin oppa .. I can't tell you enough how much I have enjoyed watching your dramas! i love u oppa plz come back in season 2 (w) i am from india plz come india(south) i want to see u oppa happy birthday oppa my wish to god u stay health,cute,handsome,wealth also oppa plz keep smiling stay health ok bye oppa i miss u saranghaeyo..............................(lot love from india) Hi, I am Anjali from India.... My first serial I had seen yours was Pinocchio because earlier I was a big fun of Park-Shin-Hye and wanted to watch all her serials and movies.... And don't like drama IHYV&because don't like storyline and lead female He is epic.. Stranger and of cuz had watched SG b4 it but idk he's just like an angel sent from Heaven in DS i can't help but to become his ultimate fan.. Best wishes , Mihaela I wasn't even aware of YOU with your two drama series :secret garden and prosecutor princess.when i watched your i hear your voice series last year,i was captivated not with your looks but with ur acting skills..superb!!!! I just watch first Story about yours that's I hear your voice..

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