Updating an old house

Johns Manville first offered this product in 1931 which quickly became popular.Sadly the beautiful Victorian porch with its wide welcoming stairs was later removed and replaced with a concrete slab and aluminum awning.Although the homeowner is aware of these options, the image shows the work performed as they requested for their particular need.A previous homeowner removed all the original wood trim on the windows and entrance and replaced it with a simple casing.Adding two courses of shingles i just plain insane. However the problem is how the windows casings are designed – completely wrong.Instead of having a sill for the rain water to avoid running on the house, there is a large flat board.By distracting you, the builder is able to keep costs down by skimping on important features such as window frames etc.

These alterations work together to provide a warm pleasing appearance once again.

Suggestions to further improve curb appeal: This house is on a corner and what you see is the side of the house.

Both the front porch and the side porch which you see are enclosed.

The house we are working on in the center originally had wood clapboard siding.

In this photo it is covered with faux brick asphalt siding.

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