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Properly set system power state when AC Power is lost in S3.3.Added additional system board information into SMBIOS type 2 structure.4.When she came back in 2006 she dropped off the PC and got herself a laptop, claiming the 8200 was "junk".I'm trying to get a couple more years out of it so my wife will stop fighting me over keyboard time. When you start the program it asks for a floppy disk.Added new SMBIOS token definitions for UDMA, Hard Disk Acoustic, S1/S3.You must follow the instructions that Dell provides: It only has 256mb of RAM and was painfully slow, 5 min.

I bought this for my daughter when she went off to college at Cal Poly in 2002.

should i get a cheap @$$ PC and put my GTX 560Ti OC edition GPU in it and upgrade the ram to 4gb for a decent gaming ring?

it has a Pentium 4 @3ghz and if i get it, it, i will put my gtx 560Ti OC in and upgrade the RAM to 4GB (max supported) also im would swap out my SSD in...

Fixed possible hang when exiting Diagnostic programs that access KB ports directly and USB Emulation is On.5.

Fixed possible issue with the Date and Time being changed afterconsecutive reboots.6.

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The new processor runs at 2.3 GHz since I do not have the Dell Dimension 8200 with the 533...

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