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Lots of internal changes were made to make this possible.

It's now a lot easier to change between images layouts and categories. As a result, long time bugs and weird behavior were finally , that fall into this category.

For me, it will be useful while rewriting Emu Loader's audit system. I've received reports of erratic behavior in main sections of this program. Thank you all for your bug reports, feedback and suggestions. One year without updates and now they just won't stop coming. A couple bug fixes and initial work on the media type expansion. Since EL is not exclusive to arcade emulators, the logo changed to . You must create Demul games list again to rebuild the ROMs database in the frontend.

As usual, if you have any problems, I appreciate if you post it in Emu Loader's forum instead of sending me e-mails. Further investigation confirmed that Emu Loader was suffering from temporal displacement causing data corruption, specially after running games. This will probably be the last release of the year so... A tiny update to fix a bug that was not restoring last selected game on a restart and when switching view modes. Currently, Emu Loader assign ROM or CHD media type for arcade games. From this version forward, I will no longer upload the full package on every new update. You can use older builds but they might not be compatible with EL v8.3. Not doing so will cause no harm in the way Demul games are handled... One of the important changes is that ported to Emu Loader and expanded. Remember to check out the change log for a complete list of changes.

The set in question is a laserdisc game and is a different problem tho, and worrying if Tafoid and the OP get different results.

Aaron needs to address both tho, ideally this should have been tested and worked out *before* U1, because if people convert their CHDs now they risk irreversably damaging them.

This is the reason why I've been crossing paths with some jurassic bugs that I didn't know were there. If found, the cartridge type will no longer be added to the command line. Other than a rewritten audit system, other bugs were fixed and there was a lot of old code cleaning.Such discs were made with a pre-2008 version of CHDMAN and should have been marked as BAD_DUMP once CHDMAN gained the capability to preserve gap data.They all need to be redumped as source becomes available. Person's report, which proves it's simply the metadata change).We will be performing planned e-commerce maintenance on Friday, July 20, 2018 at p.m. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Functions like purchasing print books will be unavailable.

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