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Google promised to improve the software release fragmentation on Android, but these numbers do not indicate progress but rather some pretty significant regression.

On the other hand, not even the year newer and significantly faster i Phone 4 supports i OS 6's new Navigation, Flyover or Panorama, nor does it support Siri or Cellular Face Time (due to missing hardware support for those features).Devices otherwise marked with an asterisk likewise are compatible with that version of the i OS, but some features are not supported or other details should be reviewed.If you are not sure which i Pod, i Phone, or i Pad you have, look it up with Everyi.com's Ultimate i Lookup.Why is Apple making a free update for a more than three year old phone?For one reason, it's easier for the company to backwardly support its installed base because there were only three major models of i Phone released over the last three years, and only a couple hardware variants for specific carriers.

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