Updating quantum cryptography report

THIS DANGEROUS AND LAWLESS SITUATION IN GENERAL HAS BEEN REPORTED TO THE FBI ON MANY OCCASIONS.I HAVE MAINTAINED APPOINTMENTS WITH THE FBI FOR YEARS AND HAVE BEEN ON SEVERAL PERSONAL APPOINTMENTS AS WELL MANY PHONE CALLS WHICH HAS ASSISTED THE MONITORING OF THIS CASE.Ethereum, with its programmable smart contracts able to perform calculations and store information, is considered an enabler of next-generation, nonfinancial blockchain applications.For example, NIST researchers have created smart contracts that publicly generate The NIST report mentions several nonfinancial applications of blockchain technology, including autonomous machine-to-machine transactions; smart buildings that autonomously trade excess renewable energy; public record keeping for land titles, marriages or births; supply chain monitoring and management; identity systems; and digital notarization services.by our assigned and/or responsible Federal Sources (DOJ), how are they supposed to have cognizance let alone assist in establishing various Laws to protect this Country, our Allies and the Citizens? The cover-up among the Department of Justice and/or their interconnections is obvious. IN THE INTERIM, I WANT TO ASSURE THE READER THAT AT&T HAS VALIDATED THE COMPLETE CLEAR OF MALWARE WEBSITE REPORT (OBVIOUSLY TYPICAL OF THE OTHER) ARE FREE FROM MALWARE AND/OR ANY UN-SUBSTANTIATED DATA IN GENERAL AND HAS ADVISED GOOGLE ACCORDINGLY.

“It’s an introduction to the things you should understand and think about if you want to use blockchain.” According to Yaga, blockchain technology is a powerful new paradigm for business., a nonregulatory agency of the U. Department of Commerce, whose mission is to promote innovation and industrial competitiveness, is a high-profile agency of the U. government with programs that include Nanoscale Science and Technology, Engineering, and Information Technology.“From the smart electric power grid and electronic health records to atomic clocks, advanced nanomaterials, and computer chips, innumerable products and services rely in some way on technology, measurement, and standards provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology,” notes the NIST website.A TI IS A PERSON THAT IS AFFLICTED WITH "SURVEILLANCE BASED DIRECTED ENERGY (FREQUENCY) ABUSE" OF WHICH THERE ARE LITERALLY HUNDREDS (PROBABLE THOUSANDS) OF INNOCENT CITIZEN VICTIMS INTERNATIONALLY THAT ANYONE CAN RESEARCH. IN ADDITION THERE HAS BEEN MANY "BLACK OPERATIONS AND/OR EXPERIMENTS" PERFORMED ON INNOCENT CITIZENS THROUGH THE YEARS OF WHICH WILL BE EXPLAINED WITHIN THIS SITE REPORT.THERE ARE A LOT OF "TARGETED INDIVIDUALS" AND PEOPLE IN GENERAL THAT THINK THESE CRIMES ARE OF FEDERAL PERPETRATION ONLY (I. IT IS A CONFUSING AREA THAT IS IN DESPERATE NEED OF AWARENESS AND ASSISTANCE.This will force the Federal Bureau of Investigation (typical) to be publicly knowledgeable and/or responsible as per their oath.Various United States Departments keep referring this case back to the Department of Justice whom has ignored us through the years. THE CULPRIT ATTEMPTED SMEAR TACTIC TO ONE IDENTICAL WEBSITE APPEARS TO BE A PERPETRATOR ISSUE IN GENERAL. BUTNER AND HIS DOMAINS WHICH IS A POSSIBLE LIABLE SITUATION TO THE YEARS OF COSTLY HOSTING BY AT&T FOR BOTH URLs WHICH ARE AGAIN, IDENTICAL IN TOTAL CONTENT WITH NO MALWARE OR TECHNICAL PROBLEMS OR ISSUES FOR YEARS OF COSTLY HOSTING BY AT&T.

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