Updating rogers nokia 7510 phone firmware

Nokia is working with carrier partners to make sure the experience is top notch and that there are no issues when installing the update, resulting in damaged or sub-optimal performance.Of course schedules can change and unbranded devices may get it earlier than carrier-supported ones."The Canadian availability of this handset is another example of the wide range of fashionable and functional devices available in Nokia's product lineup that offer the best technology to consumers." Additional features on the Nokia 7510 include: - 2 megapixel camera with flash that takes videos - OSS browser for a graphic rich PC-like browsing experience - Up to 6 hours of talk time or 12 hours of standby time - 512 MB external memory included in box with support for up to 8 GB with a micro SD card Nokia also has a range of Original Accessories which are the perfect partners to the Nokia 7510, including: - Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-102: Attractive, reliable and user friendly, this headset has a simple easy-fitting design and optional earloop that can be worn in either ear.It is a traditional headset that doesn't compromise function as it has an impressive talk time of 10 hours.In addition, an improved startup sequence is also included, which most likely addresses an issue some reportedly had when factory-resetting the device, resulting in their phone being unable to restart.Though these incidents were isolated, it’s great to see Nokia and Microsoft addressing these problems.For the uninitiated, the UMA capability of the Nokia 7510 allows users to seamlessly switch between a Wi Fi (Rogers Talk Spot) and a GSM connection depending on which network type is available.

The update should be all at once for Rogers and AT&T users meaning we are not expecting a delayed or regional roll out. For those who are not on AT&T or Rogers, the Portico OS update and firmware enhancements are not expected to go live until early February 2013.

The firmware piece of this equation appears – for now – to be hitting the Lumia 1520.

While we’re expecting additional updates to hit soon, for now we’re seeing Lumia Black hitting the 1020 and a bit of firmware action for the Lumia 1520.

Last night, we reported that this much anticipated update was to arrive this morning and unlike T-Mobile, we have absolute confirmation that Nokia and their partners are on track for this update. The OS update is expected to address stability issues that left some users with an occasional device reset or freezing of the operating system.

The problem appears to have originated from issues with Bluetooth pairing, which has been refined in this update.

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