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I find it quite common that you want to have constraints on an optional attribute.One core value of this library is that nothing should be private or inaccessable.That’s 27 stabs at the keyboard that could go awry.Any mistype will result in an invalid email address.[epiphany]Even if the sun shone through my window and I was visited by a particularly savage sneeze (I suffer from Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome*) and I typed out #! ^_`|[email protected] mistake, I would still pass the most thorough email ‘validation’ techniques. ^_`|[email protected] she said she gets super pissed off when told that her email address isn’t valid. For example hitting the neighbouring ‘h’ key instead of ‘g’.

The validation constraints can be declared in JSON and shared between clients and the server. One thing that is a bit unorthodox is that most validators will consider undefined values (,) valid values.

There is no point in trying to work out if an email address is ‘valid’.

A user is far more likely to enter a wrong and valid email address than they are to enter an invalid one.

If you want to use async validation you need to use a runtime that supports Promises.

You can tell to use any A compatible promise implemention like this: There are already many validation libraries out there today but most of them are very tightly coupled to a language or framework.

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