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But the welcoming hugs and joyful tears from her parents when he asked them if he could marry their daughter made it all worth it. Kirby wanted it to be perfect, it had to be THE ONE.

After online shopping and looking at several stores, he couldn't find exactly what he was looking for. Kirby was so glad that his family and friends got to be there, but most of all, he was happy that Claire and him were continuing their lives together.

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Maybe it's as simple as adding Angry Eyebrows, or maybe the character's model is completely redone.

And in an extra bonus, if ever the game is brought out to Europe, expect the artwork cover to be more artistic than usual regardless of whether or not the buyer can make sense of the artwork.

This trope is one reason why has a separate tag for box shots, since sometimes it just happens that the box art of the games differs.

Kirby was a little nervous (AKA Kirby was panicking) as he drove up to her parent's home in Tulsa, OK on that hot day in June.

Otherwise, the book might be passed over with little lost.

It can also mean that a game with cute art direction may hide a heart of blackened steel underneath that gamers might miss out on.

On the other hand, if you're thinking about buying a game whose main character is an adorable pink puffball surrounded by sparkles and rainbows, then whether or not he's smiling on the cover honestly shouldn't be a deal-breaker (though it's perfectly normal if you're wondering why he isn't smiling). Please include a description of the cover art in your examples.

After only a few months of dating, Claire and Kirby knew they were meant to spend their lives together. So, over the next several months they slowly but surely made plans for their life together.

Kirby made Claire happier than she had ever thought possible. Claire and Kirby had already been dreaming about their wedding day, long before their engagement.

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