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Many such of the revolts and armed struggles had taken place in this Some examples include: India's First War of Independence was a revolt of Indian soldiers and people against British rule.Historians had used the terms like the Indian Mutiny or the Sepoy Mutiny to describe this event.General Hearsey ordered another Indian soldier to arrest Mangal Pandey but he refused. Then they took very quick action with heavy forces.Later the British arrested Mangal Pandey and the other Indian soldier. They brought their regiments from the Crimean War to India.Street-to-street fights broke out between the British troops and the Indians. The massacre at Kanpur (July 1857) and the siege of Lucknow (June to November 1857) were also important.The last important battle was at Gwalior in June 1858 in which the Rani of Jhansi was killed.The rebellion by Indian troops of the British Raj started in May 1857 and continued until December 1858.

The Mughal dynasty, which had ruled India for about four hundred years, ended with his death.They made their offices and forts in various parts of India.The British East India Company became the major force in India.The Regulating Act of 1773, the India Act of 1784, and the Charter Act of 1813 were designed to help trade with India.Before the First War of Independence (1857), Indians in different parts of India had revolted against the British.

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