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Penelope shook her head and said, "I do not have the hots for him, I think he is hottttttttt that's all", JJ grinned and said, "uhhh Penelope sighed as they walked into the huge room filled with hundreds of women.

Penelope said, "I don't stand a chance of getting picked Jayje, look at all of these thin beautiful women".

, she put her hand on his shoulder and said, "three of these beautiful women have been picked for you to pick from and you will ask all three girls questions and go out on dates with them and then at the end of 6 weeks you will choose one woman to be your girlfriend".

He smiled and said, "what if none of the girls is ya know the one, my one"?

Emily put her hand on Dereks shoulder and said, "it's time for you to head to the curtain and get ready to take your seat on stage", he took a deep breath as he headed to toward the stage.

Penelope couldn't help but smile when Derek walked out on stage and took his seat, the people in the audience could see him but he couldn't see them, that way he couldn't get a peak at his choices.

The music started and the host walked out on stage and said, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WELCOME TO WHO WANTS TO DATE DEREK MORGAN", the crowd went wild with applause.

The host smiled and said, "my name is Erin Strauss and I'm going to be your host as we try to see WHO WANTS TO DATE DEREK MORGAN", the music started playing again as the crowd went crazy.

Derek said, "so this first step is just picking the girls and getting to know them a little"?After a few seconds Erin said, "and contestant number 3 is in seat 300", nobody got up and JJ said, "Garcie that's you", she said, "what's me"? Penelope stood up and said, "oh my god" as she slowly made her way to the stage, while she was on her way up to the stage she took a deep breath and wondered just what JJ had gotten her in to".Once Penelope was on the stage Erin said, "alright ladies and gentlemen these are our contestants on WHO WANTS TO DATE DEREK MORGAN, the three girls sat there smiling and waving as the crowd went wild with applause.Erin said, "as you can see Derek Morgan is on the other side of this partition, he can hear us but he can't see us", she laughed and said, "wave and say hi to everybody Derek".Derek waved and said, "helloooooooo everybody", Erin said, "alright now comes the time to find out who Dereks three choices are going to be".

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Tamara Barnes stood up and straightened her clothes before making her way toward the stage, Penelope said, "I think I'm going to go Jayje", she started to stand up and JJ said, "at least wait and see who the third contestant is".

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