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Though it would have been enough to send Pollyanna packing, Sissy stayed and continued to make friends. There was Duane, who was just about the nicest person I’d met, and his little brother Gregg, who I was kinda sweet on. “I had a date to go to the Fillmore East, and I was just sitting there, looking at the piano player and the lead guitar player and I said, ‘They look just like the guys I spent the day with.’ Then I went backstage, I couldn’t believe it was them.

“I remember meeting the Allman Brothers,” she explained. Gregg had been to the dentist and had his tooth pulled. We just hit it off; we were both from the South, and he had this big fat jaw. I always thought rock stars would be , but they were nice little Southern kids.

By age nine, she and Robbie had formed a Charleston and banjo duo that was popular around their hometown of Quitman, Texas.

By her early teens, Sissy had saved enough baby-sitting money for an expensive twelve-string guitar; for years she carried it around with her like a trophy.

Mary Elizabeth Spacek (the nickname Sissy came from her two older brothers, Robbie and Ed Jr.) is remembered by childhood friends as a born ham.

Enrolling in the Lee Strasberg Theatrical Institute, she set about learning the ropes of the Method. “My girlfriend and I,” she recalled, “would walk to Fourteenth, cut across Seventeenth and Park, then go up to Max’s Kansas City. I believe, ultimately, that it’s a better working situation if people are happy.” , came and got me and we moved in together. and the role that many, including Sissy, still believe was her finest.But Spacek’s incredibly malleable personality could run, in the course of several minutes, from innocent tomboy to savvy young businesswoman.In the next two and a half years, her story would turn into one of Sissy Spacek holding out.It cost her 0 to forfeit those plans, but Spacek returned to New York the next summer with a new plan. “That was my hanging-around-Greenwich-Village, following-Bob-Dylan period.” An appointment with the William Morris Agency, set up by Rip Torn, resulted in agents politely asking her to come back in a few years.A demo made with Eddie Simon, Paul’s brother, also fizzled. “Now every time I see Le Mond, he says, ‘That’s the little lady I told to go back to Texas.'”) It was not a productive period, but she never failed to leave behind a trail of friends.

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