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As you walk in the back sun room which is all wood.There is stuff all over, then you walk straight into the kitchen and look to your left and there is blood all over the kitchen wall.It was said that a cool breeze followed them around the house.Throughout the house, the stains of blood began to appear.My mom works at the laurels in lowell, its the nursing home.

Me and 5 friends went there last friday, and you cant get in the front so we went around back.I was wondering if this was the same house or if it was a different one.Please let me know and if it is a different one would you please tell me where i could find it. i took some rather cool artifacts, and i created an unrest… i’ve been to this house too and i saw splatters of red on the walls in the kitchen wihich could easily pass as blood.as the story goes, some guy kidnapped three cheerleaders and handcuffed them to the walls in his basement where he repeatedly raped them for days. I haven’t gone in it yet, so i cant say it is cool or not.he neglected to feed the girls and they eventually died from starvation before the guy was busted. Hey alex, That house is scary me and my friend went by it today after school and there was a little girl in the window screaming and then she was gone and blood was running and i mean pouring down the window where she had stood oo by the way how old are you i am 12 just wondering cuz do u live in lowell i do and maybe we can email each other more about this ghost stuff do ya beleive in it i did a little now i really do cuz what i had seen today Talk to ya later, Shelby Hey guys, Me and some friends went to this house on baily street last night 1/25/06 the story goes you can heare a bell if you go up to it at night well we went up to it and sure as hell we heard that damn thing it scared the hell out of us the house is all boarded up I also took a pic of the house with my digital camra and got a face in a open window in the up stares scary Hey its adam again The only thing youn have to worry about is the damn people calling the cops other then that your cool We havent really went in the house yet cause when you get that feeling to get the hell out of there you better do it.

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