Wife dating black

Imagine being on a date with someone who mentions you’re the first “colored girl” they’ve ever taken out.

That sinking feeling in your gut, the exact moment you know this person might see your skin, but they don’t see you.

And with the stereotypes of what kind of Black person dates a white person, it’s even more understandable to have little to no interest in dating a white person.

Imagine living your whole life in your Black body, choosing to date a white person, and subsequently having all of your Blackness questioned.

With that context in mind, it is totally understandable to me that some Black people would be wary of dating a white person.The examples above are people who don’t have their minds right. They are people who believe whiteness is a savior, and that it can or will save them.I have known these people, and I have been just as startled by their inability to see themselves or their relationships clearly.When I talk about something racist happening, he doesn’t accuse me of being paranoid.In fact, he defers to my assessment of the situation, and if I don’t feel safe, we’re out of there.

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