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These elements of relative local culture have attracted young people to visit and move here in droves, and Fern Date is precisely the nexus where the impact of technology meets the individual.

adafshar herself arrived here from Berkeley more than seven years ago and is thus familiar with rapidly changing urban and cultural landscapes.

As more and more of her friends joined these sites, Radafshar noticed she had a knack for helping them find dates by tweaking a sentence in their profile or choosing a picture that seemed more suitable.

She had a certain Midas touch when it came to her friends’ romantic lives, and began thinking about the ways in which she could develop a business out of this talent.

Radafshar herself says, “The old matchmaking concept and idea is dead.” While that may be true, part of me still likes to imagine Radafshar meeting her clients with her head wrapped in a shawl, like the character of Yente in Fiddler on the Roof.Though I am wholly skeptical of online dating and its ever-growing demand among today’s singles, the prospect of channeling one’s brand is precisely what fascinates me about Radafshar’s business model.We are now in an era when a person’s app blurb and the quality of their photographs dictate social currency.She operates on the assumption that bad luck in dating is ultimately circumstantial and essentially due to a certain degree of technological illiteracy.On the welcome page of Fern’s highly stylized website, an omniscient serif font boldly declares to its viewer: It’s Not You, It’s Your Profile.

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  1. Thai men don’t pass judgment on the women who choose to marry or date farang, Japanese, Chinese or even black men. In western societies, interracial dating was highly controversial until very recently.